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Our Work

This is our Community Service Page. It's a great opportunity to help visitors understand the context and background of our latest work. We try to help as best we can, as often as we can, to everyone we can.

Dana Henry and Kamren Oerkfitz
Lei'Niya Lee and Dallas Woods
Karlito Barden
Unburger Grill
Thinking of a master plan!
Mrs 1 Healthy You

5/27 4th Grade ELA OVERAchieving Lunch Winners

Capuchin Soup Kitchen 

Mr. Woods
Mrs 1 Healthy You in action.
Mrs 1 Healthy You
Dallas Woods, Karlito Barden and Kamren Oerkfitz
Unburger Grill
Interview Time
Todays Winners

5/20 4th Grade Science OVERAchieving Lunch Winners


2021 Santa Visit @
Greater Ebenezer Child Care Center

December 2021  1 Healthy You Donations

11/20/21 Salvation Army - Thanksgiving Prep

8/28/21 Capuchin Soup Kitchen

YES, I worked too!
Baby got his work IN, yal!
Check out that 1 Healthy You Member.
Our tools.
Clean as a whistle. We did TWO rows.

urban farm 


Pass the Love 7-8-2021

This is the Michelle Obama initiative partnered with Waffles & Mochi, Partnership for a Healthier America, Walmart, and Focus Hope. Families were provided enough fresh food, canned goods, and recipes for 3 meals. This was not based on income or need. Anyone desiring food were given it, until it ran out.

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